Why You Need to Invest in a Gun Safe

Close-up picture of a pistol in a woman’s hand

Guns have been the weapon of choice for many people ever since their invention for life safety.  But in today’s era, guns are being purchased more than ever before. An increase in crimes like burglary or a house break-in has also spiked the purchase of firearms.  Not only men but also women … Read more

Moving a Gun Safe from One Location to Another in Your Home

a gun safe in the bedroom

Moving a gun safe from one location to another in your home can be a daunting task because of its weight and the ammunition inside it. Therefore, you will need to take all the necessary safety precautions. During this process, you don’t want to hurt yourself or any other family member. So, … Read more

Differences between Electronic and Mechanical Locks

Gun safe box

A question that many people concerned with safety would ask is what type of lock to go for. Especially if you are a gun owner, you will need a secure gun safe that is both high quality and durable. When searching for gun safes, you will learn that there are two most … Read more

Guide to Gun Safe Sizes

A gun safe may seem like an easy, trivial thing to buy, but if you’re a gun enthusiast, you know that there’s more to consider before purchasing one. Size is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a gun safe. As any gun owner knows, you need to put … Read more

Comparing Gun Safes and Gun Cabinets

A gun collection stored in a gun cabinet in a museum

Because we are living in troubled times, the protection of family and individual property becomes necessary. For most people, it involves the use and ownership of firearms. With proper permits and knowledge about storage and maintenance of your gun, you can purchase it and keep it in your home for safe keeping.  … Read more

Introduction to Gun Safes

Guide to the Best Gun Safe

Finding the best gun safe can be a challenge. They can be a very expensive thing to buy and there a huge range of different gun safes available to suit different needs. Primarily a gun safe needs to be secure – the most important part of a gun safe is to keep … Read more

The Lowdown on Certification for Gun Safes

The Lowdown on Certification for Gun Safes

It is well known that safes must abide by certain standards to indeed be considered ‘safe.’ Unfortunately, the same standards are not always set for gun safes. The major regulatory body for certifying safes is UL or Underwriters Laboratories. This body is responsible for approving certain safes for commercial use. A rating … Read more